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"Harvey was great during all of our sessions. He was always punctual and never too serious. He makes you feel comfortable and open to discuss whatever you'd like with his willingness to listen and provide professional opinions based off of his extensive background.

I would absolutely recommend Harvey to anyone who wants or needs someone to talk to, whether it be about serious and deep issues or just wanting to learn more about yourself."

When I found Harvey, I was excited to start working with him. His understanding of our situation and of how we each felt was amazing and this was only in the introductory call that I had with him.  I then had him speak with my better half to see if she would be on board, and I was surprisingly shocked that she was!  Working with Harvey definitely helped us understand our marriage, as well as what we were lacking.  I could go on and on about how helpful Harvey is, but you just need to find out for yourself.  I have been to a few therapists but Harvey's "coaching" is much more productive and real and I wish I would have found him much sooner!  If you trust in Harvey and his coaching you will see results that one may not have thought possible.  I recommend Harvey 100%.

I highly recommend Harvey as a marriage coach.  My husband and I had been to 5 other counselors with very little to show for it.  I am so thankful that we found Harvey!  It was a 10 session process.  I followed the process but could not see how it was working.  Before session 5 my husband and I had a huge fight and I was ready to walk out.  After session 5 things just clicked into place for me.  I not only followed his process, I believed in is process.  I saw the effects ripple though our marriage and so many other areas of my life.  


Thank you so much! 

Very helpful. I was able to make clear progress in my relationships because of Harvey.

or call: (323) 704-8063

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